UPark Pirie

274 spaces available
Pay by Cash, Visa or Mastercard. Phone: 8203 7203. Email: city@cityofadelaide.com.au. 191–207 Pirie Street

UPark Pirie is close to:

  • Hindmarsh Square – Access to numerous local businesses.
  • Rundle Mall and Rundle Street – Adelaide's fashion hub.


0–1 hour



1–2 hours



2–3 hours



3–4 hours



4–5 hours



5+ hours



Special Rates



Early Bird (Enter by 9.30am, exit by 7.00pm)



Night Rate (Enter/stay after 6 pm. Flat rate)



Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday flat rate



~Night Parking flat fee applies AFTER the night rate begins and in addition to any day rates already incurred.
^ To qualify for Early Bird vehicles need to enter and exit on the same day.

Permanent Parking

Permanent Reserved Parking is available at $335.00 per month. Administration set up fee of $20 applies. Visit our Permanent Parking page for more information.

Bicycle Parking

Free undercover bike racks are available for cyclists.

Other Information

  • Height Clearance: 2.2m