Payment Options

Making it fast and easy for you!

  1. Ticketless Parking: Wave/insert your credit card at the payment readers as you enter and exit. More information below.

       2.  Ticket Parking: When entering the car park press the button for a ticket. When leaving, pay at the automated pay station before heading to your car

       3.  Ticket/Credit Card Parking: When entering the car park press the button for a ticket. When leaving, insert ticket at the exit gate, then insert your credit card to pay the displayed amount.

       4.  Pre-booking online with UBook@UPark: Book a parking space at least 24 hours in advance. Find more on specials and how to book here.

  • Note: American Express not accepted. Master Card or Visa only./assets/content/visa_mastercard_logo.png

Permanent Parking

Permanent Parking (both reserved and unreseved) is ideal for full-time city workers, allowing you to drive in and out of the car park multiple times a week.

Reserved parking can be paid by cash, cheque, direct deposit or credit card. Online payments now available on the City of Adelaide secure payment site. Refer to your invoice for the reference details.

Visit Permanent Parking for more information.

Ticketless Parking

Pay for your parking with speed and style. Ticketless Parking is safe, easy and hassle-free!

How does it work?

/assets/content/Contactless.jpg        /assets/content/paypass-vs-paywave.png

Step 1:

At the entry gate: Wave your credit card over the contactless reader or insert your card. This registers your entry time. Your card will not be charged at this time.

Step 2:

At the exit gate: Wave your credt card over the contactless payment reader or insert your card. This calculates the length of your stay and debits your card accordingly.


Pre-Booked Parking

Save time and money by booking your space online at least 24 hours in advance.

Pre-booked parking can be paid for by credit card through our online booking site here.


Need Assistance?

If you need any assistance at any of the UParks, please press the information button /assets/content/i-24hour-assistance-upark.png to speak to a UPark operator.

This service is available 24 hours a day with experienced staff or after hour’s security always at hand to help you.