Convenient Parking Close to Adelaide Town Hall

Closest UPark: Topham Mall – just a four minute walk from Adelaide Town Hall. Located 52–54 Waymouth St, between Currie St and Waymouth St. Accessible from both sides.

Each year, Adelaide Town Hall hosts a number of functions including weddings, corporate events and concerts.

Find the best parking deals for convenient, affordable, undercover parking for upcoming Adelaide Town Hall events below. 

Parking options

UPark on Topham Mall offers multiple parking options depending on the day and time of your event. If the event you’re attending is:


Pay just $8 if you pre-book your park online with UBook@UPark. This allows you to enter the car park after 4pm and exiting before close.


Alternatively, pay $8 flat rate if you enter UPark on Topham Mall after 6pm and exit before close. 


Park for just $7 flat fee on Saturday or Sunday if you book your park online.


Drive into UPark on Topham Mall on Saturday or Sunday and pay just $8 flat fee.

Leave your car in the city overnight, on Friday or Saturday nights, and collect it the next day, for just $14 if you pre-book online with UBook@UPark. BOOK NOW.


Early bird parking is available Monday to Friday. Enter before 9:30am and exit before 7:00pm for $18 flat rate.

Alternatively, find out more about casual hourly rates at UPark on Topham Mall

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